About us

INFINIGAMES, infinite joy and fun

INFINGAMES is a game company focused on game development for mobile platforms. It set up its product and operation teams in Singapore, along with its business networks in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

We're a young and passionate game publisher. We publish games where you can Experience the most classic fun! We're the makers of casual games! We develop and publish attractive and addictive games. We’re the provider of the happy and casual time. Our mission is to delight our players with endless fun casual game experience. We believe that being with good people, motivating each other, helping each other can often accomplish things that you never thought of before.

In the future, as more new games come online, our user base will continue to expand. You are very welcome to be part of our gamers, and let us experience the fun of the game. Have fun playing our game. If you enjoy our game, share it with your friends.