we are

Game maker & publisher´╝îand happy provider

INFINGAMES is a game company focused on game development for mobile platforms. It set up its product and operation teams in Singapore, along with its business networks in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

We are game publisher and provider for casual games, and intend to bring inifite joy and fun for our users.

Our company

Environment where inspiration bursts

Open environment

Jack Chen

"I enjoy the open and relaxing environment here. Feel free to express myself here."

Freshly brewed coffee


"A cup of coffee everyday makes my work more efficient. What's more, those snacks force me to exercise for an extra two hours a week."


A Team

"We like to have a discussion on a point of view. Of course, the final result must be the most effective at the moment."

Rich leisure activities

Yoga Group

"We are not just close partners at work. We will also laugh at each other for making a bad yoga pose."